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  As a woman owned shop we feel like it is important to dedicate a special area to women cyclists or women who want to become cyclists. Our goal is to provide a place to feel empowered and excited about the sport.  From novice to advanced. We are passionate about helping and encouraging female cyclists.  It is one of the reasons we have begun to organize rides and social events throughout the year. Most importantly, we believe that cycling should be fun.  Come join us for our monthly Women's ride, completely led by women.  

Jolanda Straathof

2018 Texas State champion

Corazon Racing Team 



Chainlink Bike Shop


Chainlink Bike Shop

Corazon Racing Team


Come join us for our monthly Women's ride, led by...

Women's Ride 5/28/19
Thank you all for coming out.

Introducing the Power Saddle - Designed for women

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