Meet The Team

Seana Rousseau

Seana is the sole owner of Chainlink.  She sets the tone for the shop.  She is a perfectionist to a fault.  Although she is constantly thinking about how to repair or upgrade your precious bikes, she always has time for a smile and conversation.


Greg Rousseau

Greg is our official Greeter and the employee of the month for 2 years running.  He likes to lick faces and make new friends. Stop in and say hello 


Pam Rousseau

Pam is the Administrator of Security.  She is on patrol making sure Seana and Greg come home to a safe house.  Rest assured there will be no squirrels in the house



Erin is our most enthusiastic and  energetic employee.  She will definitely be the first persons to say "hello" when you walk through our doors. When she's not racing or working on your bike , she might be doing some Origami or looking for a challenger for Checkers.




As one of our longest working interns.  Tim is still looking for that golden moment when he will finally get the job. Good Luck Tim, Greg is rooting for you.


yep...still an intern..




As the longest of our interns. This former Fireman/EMT is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to lend a hand 

Favorite Comment:

Did someone take my 5?


Josh Richardson

Josh was an integral part of starting the Chainlink bike shop with Seana..  Without him we wouldn't be here today doing what we love. RIP Josh, we all miss you.