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The Chain Link Bicycle Shop is currently seeking a mechanic and customer service guru!  Customer service skills are required as we pride our role in the community and want to make everyone who comes into the shop feel welcome.  Looking for an upbeat, friendly person to join the team. Training in both customer relations and bicycle repair will be accommodated to those who show interest and general aptitude. 


Job requirements are as follows:


  • Willingness to learn.

  • Willingness to provide care and consideration to customer needs.

  • A friendly and welcoming demeanor.

  • Weekends are required.

  • You will get dirty but it is worth it.

  • Heavy lifting is a part of the job occasionally. (Some bikes are heavy!)

  • Ability to work independently.

  • Prior experience in sales/service is desirable but we are willing to invest and groom those less experienced.


Job duties:

This position will be somewhat of a jack-of-all trades. We are currently seeking full time, customer service/bicycle mechanic help.  Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • General Clean-up

  • Moving Bicycles in, out and around the shop

  • Helping customers and writing service tickets

  • Answering the phone

  • Assisting owner with daily tasks

  • Bicycle Maintenance

  • Unpacking and stocking orders


About us:

We are a full time operation with occasional part-time help.  We have been serving the New Braunfels bicycle community for10 years and would love to continue doing so for much longer.  We ride bikes, we fix bikes, we like bikes, we talk about bikes!  Overall, we want to help everyone in the bicycling community with whatever their needs may be.


Please email us at: with your bio and what you are looking for in your next job. Please attach your resume including contact information and include “Job Application” in the subject line. The position will be full time, Tuesday - Saturday.  Open to adding more part time help in the future. We are open to expanding hours as business increases.

Some prior knowledge of bicycles and bicycle riding is preferred.  Bicycle enthusiasts are our friends.

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